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Iran tensions July 2021 and onwards

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

IranThe daily updates are compiled by Seth J. Frantzman, Executive Director of MECRA. For the previous installment which covers March 2021 to July 2021, click here.

July 1, 2021

Arash solid propellent test.

July 3

Ship targeted allegedly by Iran making its way from Gulf to India, rumored to be owned by Israeli firm, but this is denied in Israel.

July 4

US denies reports of attack in Syria by pro-Iran groups.

Bennett meets cabinet to discuss possible US return to Iran Deal, phones Putin and also agrees to meet.

Kohlmann: Unspecified Iraqi Shiite insurgents have allegedly carried out a new IED attack targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed through the Taji area north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

July 5

At 2:45pm three. rockets target Al-Asad base

Kataib Hezbollah shows message with hidden missiles.

Quadcopter found that set off alarms near embassy several nights ago.

Fire in Iran at solid fuel plant.

July 6

Just after midnight on the evening of July 5, drones target Union III in Baghdad.

July 7

The night of July 6/7 drone and rocket attack on Erbil airport.

Rocket attacks on Al-Asad base and Omar field in Syria. Telegram channels linked to militias claim that the counterattack has happened near Baghdadi (close to Ain Al Assad). Col. Marotto: "Initial report: At approx. 12:30 PM local time, Ain Al-Assad Air Base was attacked by 14 rockets. The rockets landed on the base & perimeter. Force protection defensive measures were activated. At this time initial reports indicate 3 minor injuries. Damage is being assessed." Sheep killed in airstrike. Cavell: "Iraq: Reports militia HGV mobile launchpad for rocket attacks was targeted in open ground near the Mosque. This would be in range of the airbase attacked this morning." UAVs said to be involved in the Syria attack.

July 8

Kohnavard: It is believed that at least two rockets have landed inside Green Zone Baghdad. One close to US embassy Baghdad and the other one just a few metres away, military sources at GZ say.

Wayne Marotto: "Each attack against the GoI, KRI and the Coalition undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law and Iraqi National sovereignty. These attacks endanger the lives of Iraqi civilians, & the partner forces from the ISF, Peshmerga & Coalition."

Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah denies involvement in the rocket attack on US Embassy, Baghdad. “Iraqi resistance rejects attacks on diplomatic locations and it had decided that it’s not going to attack even the US embassy’s military base in Baghdad” KH leader says in a statement

July 9

Cyber attack his Iran rail.

Lebanon in crisis as power cuts grow, currency drops.

Guns smuggled into Ghajar in Israel from Lebanon are found by security forces.

July 10

Mysterious explosion in Tehran. Video.

July 11

Attack on Conoco, Syria.

July 15

US envoy McGurk in Iraq and then goes to Suli after Lahur Talabani was sidelined.

July 18

AANES launches campaign for status.

Israel and Egypt discuss Ethiopia dam.

Lapid to visit Morocco.

Gantz denies New Yorker report about push to strike Iran last year and that he was sidelined on discussions.

Claims that a "U.S. drone attack targeted a truck for an Iran-backed militia in eastern Syria on Sunday, destroying the vehicle without causing any casualties, two Iraqi militia officials said" but it apparently didn't happen.

July 20

Airstrikes in Syria reported near Safirah near Aleppo, Lebanon complains Israel used its airspace.

July 22

Airstrikes near Qusayr at Al-Dabaa airport. Details.

July 23

Drone attack on US Hariri base in Erbil.

Wash Examiner: US investigates Qatari funding IRGC.

July 24

Houthi drones target Saudi Arabia.

Hashd threatens US in Iraq.

Russia could upgrade Syrian air defenses amid Israeli airstrikes, says the US opposes Israel strikes also.

Fatemiyoun member killed in recent airstrike in Syria.

US withdrawing from Iraq? Diplomatic theater to give Kadhimi political cover: the "Pentagon and other administration officials say they will achieve this not by removing any of the 2,500 American forces currently stationed in #Iraq, but by reclassifying their roles on paper."

July 26

PMU Najaf tasin Iraq.

July 28

Ahrar Sharqiya and Syrian regime sanctioned by US.

China meets Taliban.

IRGC Quds Force head Qaani in Baghdad. Kohnavard: "IRGC Qods Comdr. Qaani has told top Iraqi officials that Iran wants to evaluate the outcome of Iraq-US strategic dialogues “positively”, sources tell me."

July 29

Rocket attack on Green Zone in Baghdad.

Clashes in southern Syria near Dara'a.

Video of alleged attack on logistics convoy in Iraq by Ashab Al-Kahf.

July 30

Jpost: A ship managed by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer's shipping company was suspected of being attacked by pirates in the Northern Indian Ocean on Thursday night, Zodiac Maritime announced. Mercer Street oil tanker was heading from Africa to the Gulf, it was empty, drones reportedly struck at living quarters, bridge and other areas, it is Japanese owned by said to be operated by Israeli-owned company.

Iran's Al-Alam TV says the attack on the Israeli ship was revenge for the July 22 airstrikes.

August 1

Associated Press: "US confident Iran was behind attack on oil tanker in Arabian Sea (CORRECTS tanker site and that Israel didn't own ship)"

UK PM Johnson says #Iran must face up to consequences of "outrageous" ship attack. Al-Jarida says Israel has drawn up list of targets. Quotes IRGC saying attack was retaliation. Raisi to be sworn in on August 3.

US plans sanctions on Iran drones. Haynes: UK government held a Cobra emergency meeting at the level of officials over the weekend in a sign of the serious focus on the tanker attack & how to respond, SkyNews understands There's not yet been a Cobra attended by ministers, which is what happens in gravest of crises.

First photos, some say Shahed UAV caused the damage.

Blinken condemns Iran and one-way explosive UAVs.

August 2

Gantz says Israel will respond. UK and US appear to back response. Bennett says Netanyahu failed to deter Iran. UK seaman was one of those killed. Details. Elijah Magnier analysis on how Iran drew new red line in Gulf of Oman. Blinken says "I want to condemn again the attack on Friday against the commercial ship...We've conducted a thorough review and we're confident that #Iran carried out this attack." CENTCOM head speaks with Israel.

August 3

Asphalt Princess ship is briefly hijacked by Iran.

August 4

Israel fires 100 shells into Lebanon after one rocket fired into Israel.

August 6

IDF: More than ten rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israeli territory.

Most of the rockets were intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense System while the rest of them landed in open areas adjacent to Har Dov. Iran's Pre-Emption doctrine.

UK says Shahed 136 drone used in attack on Mercer Street. Reports at UK tabloids say UK special forces went to Yemen to hunt the attackers.

August 8

US holds Iran responsible for Mercer Street attack, but mixed messages from Pentagon on where drone came from.

Saeed Aghajani, the man behind the drone attack, according to Israel.

Iran hosts Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror groups during inauguration for Raisi, Shamkhani and Hossein Salami meet them as well.

August 10

US CIA head arrives in Israel.

Nour news claims that Israeli ships and sub arrived in Red Sea.

Desert Eagle exercise in Israel: The exercise was led by the IAF's 133rd (“Knights of the Twin Tail”) Squadron, which operates "Baz" (F-15) fighter jets, alongside F-15s from the U.S. Air Force’s 494th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron under AFCENT. The forces deployed to “Uvda” AFB, where they took off for the exercise. The 115th (“Flying Dragon”) Squadron, which operates F-16 fighter jets, simulated enemy forces throughout the exercise.

Bahrain officials in Israel with high level delegation. Lapid flies to Morocco.

Reports of CRAM detecting drone near Erbil.

August 12

Iranian air defenses fired a warning shot at a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper belonging to the US military near the Strait of Hormuz near the Iranian border on Thursday, according to the Iranian semi-official Nour News.

August 17

Airstrikes reported near Quneitra.

August 18

Ravid: Egyptian Intelligence chief Abbas Kamel is visiting Israel today. He met this morning with Prime Minister Bennett and will meet tonight with Minister of Defense Gantz.

Qatari aid approved for Gaza. From next week, 10 million USD will be transferred to the UN. The UN will then deliver the funds to Gaza residents by distributing cards for the withdrawal of the money. The initial process, including the distribution of the cards, is expected to be completed by the end of September. Starting in October, the delivery of funds will be immediate.

August 19

Fabian: A Syrian air defense missile exploded over Israeli airspace near the border with Jordan near the Dead Sea amid the strikes last night near Damascus and Homs. No alert was activated. Residents reported an explosion heard in the region at around 23:17 last night.

Qarah, Syria believed to be one of the targets of airstrikes in Syria. Reports said airplanes over Lebanon.

Syrian air defense forces have shot down 22 missiles launched by Israeli warplanes during an airstrike against targets in Syria, the Russian military said Friday. "Jets (possibly Israelis) over Dahieh, Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut & also Southern Lebanon."..."During the air strike, a plane belonging to Lebanese carrier Middle East Airlines coming from Abu Dhabi had to hold in Syrian airspace for about 10 minutes before landing in Beirut, as did a plane from Turkey's Pegasus airlines." Syrian air defenses also fired wildly, with shrapnel and debris falling over Jordan and Israel, according to varying reports. This was apparently debris from a Syrian S-200. Two commercial airliners also had to divert during the Syrian air-defense operations

Turkey's leader meets UAE leader.

August 21

Riots on Gaza border.

Bennett to go to Washington.

A US warplane shot down a drone in Syria on Saturday. It is a rare occurrence when fighter jets are used to shoot down drones, although Israel has shot down drones with warplanes, and a US F-15E Strike Eagle shot down a drone in June 2017 in Syria, one of two US downings of Syrian regime drones.

August 24

Leaked images show Iran's Evin prison.

Vehicles damaged in convoy in Iraq.

August 27

Attack on US convoy in Iraq reported. "Friday's rocket attack in the Iraqi city of Basra was not carried out against the US base near the borders with Kuwait, a source revealed on Saturday, explaining that it targeted a convoy of the Global Coalition forces in the region."

August 28

Reuters: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian met his counterparts from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, officials from the two Gulf Arab states said, but provided no further details. There was no indication of any direct meetings between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but Iraq said talks between the two countries, which began in April, were continuing.

Heads of state attending included Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, King Abdullah of Jordan, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Macron. Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates sent their heads of government, and Turkey its foreign minister.

August 29

Syrian official news agency SANA: Syria's Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, center left, receives Iran's new Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, left, in Damascus, Syria. Pledge to confront US sanctions. "Syria's Foreign Minister: The resounding #US defeat in #Afghanistan will also mean its defeat in #Syria."

Houthi missile attack kills dozens in Yemen. A ballistic missile landed in the base's training area, where dozens of soldiers were doing morning exercises, officials said. Drones may have been involved.

August 31

The Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi group in Yemen said earlier that it intercepted a Houthi drone that was targeting Abha International Airport

September 1

Iran and Russia media see new 'Vietnam Syndrome' for US after Afghanistan.

Col. Marotto: "There are no U.S./Coalition logistic convoys in Iraq - it is disinformation & propaganda. Equipment divested to the #ISF in support of its #DefeatDaesh mission through the CTEF Program is transported by Iraqi Civilian Logistic Convoys."

Quoting an anonymous Syrian military source, #Iran's Al Alam TV claims US troops have "evacuated three bases" in Syria: One in Deir al-Zour and two in Hassakeh.

Local reports said pro-Iran militias fired rockets at US base in Syria.

September 2

Iran media says that four ship with oil and gas has arrived in Syria, in fact it appears the first ship had only oil for Syria, not gas for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Gulf Sky details revealed.

US Coalition says it has not added or closed bases in NE Syria. Civilian supply convoys regularly visit U.S. temp outposts. We remain committed to the #defeatdaesh mission & follow on operations to increase regional stability.

September 3

Overnight, the IDF said on Friday that explosions heard over central Israel overnight were caused by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that exploded off the coast. Debris fell in Tel Aviv.

September 13

Israel Defense Minister Gantz warns Iran training proxies at UAV base in Iran.

September 19

New York Times reveals more details of Fakhrizadeh assassination with remote controlled AI weapon.

September 27

#ISI reveals: On Monday, 27 September 2021, a mysterious #explosion shook western #Tehran, #Iran. According to #ISI intelligence report, the explosion occurred at an #IRGC secret missile base of Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group.

September 30

Jake Sullivan travels to Cairo and Riyadh and meets Israel counterpart Eyal Hulata.

October 5

Israel accuses Iran of plot to assassinate businessman in Cyprus.

October 6

WSJ: Iran drone program increasing

October 7

Iran says Israel presence in Azerbaijan is concern.

Israel Military intel says Iran not getting bomb soon.

Iran says fast boats intercepted US vessel, Coast Guard warns them off.

Will Iran attack US Al-Harir base in Iraq, Shafaq and National Interest ask.

October 8

Two reported killed in Israeli airstrikes in Syria, T-4 and other locations.

October 9

Guardian: Albukamal, Iran increases presence.

Report says Israel seized general jogging in Damascus as part of search for Ron Arad.

October 10

Merkel says Iran deal talks nearing new stage while in Jerusalem.

Iran claims 80% material needed to build bomb.

Iraq elections see low turnout, decline in seats for PMU-linked Fatah.

October 11

Bennett: Iran aspires to build an army on Israel's borders.

October 12

Yossi Cohen: Iran not close to getting nuclear bomb.

October 13

Meeting between Lapid and his US and UAE counterparts in Washington, Iran issue is discussed.

US Iran envoy Malley said all options on table regarding the resumption of talks.

Turkey detains Iranians linked to plot to kidnap Iranian in Turkey.

Hezbollah seeks removal of Beirut blast judge Bitar.

In Cyprus a 27-year-old Pakistani man was arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice to the Azeri man who was arrested last month.

Iran shows off new air defenses.

October 14

Airstrikes reported in Syria in early morning. Airstrikes were in Homs province.

IRGC pressures Iraq to form government with Fatah Alliance even though it performed badly in elections.

Israel prepares to host Blue Flag that continues until October 28. United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Greece and India will participate in the biennial Blue Flag exercise.

October 20

Attack reported on Tanf garrison by drones.

October 21

Iranian missile found in Iraq.

Details of the 13th October 2021 reported IDF airstrike around Palmyra.

October 22

Putin-Bennett meeting, Russia agrees not to hamper Israeli efforts in Syria.

October 24

Reports of airstrikes near Quneitra.

First Saudi flight to Israel reported.

October 25

Iran envoy Malley says US running out of patience.

October 26

US says that Tanf attack was done by Iran and involved 5 drones.

Iran under cyberattack that targets gas stations.

Iran expands nuclear enrichment at Natanz.

Egypt-Greece joint air exercise.

October 27

Iraq post-election tensions continue.

IRGC Quds Force head rumors that Qaani is in Lebanon.

October 29

US Treasury targets Iran drone program with sanctions. Rawnsley: "Treasury sanctioned the head of the IRGC drone unit who was responsible for the delta wing drone attack on the Mercer Street ship in the Gulf a few months ago. But they also hit my dude Yousef Aboutaleni, the CEO of Mado, the company that powered Iran's drones (they make engines)." Blinken "The United States is imposing sanctions on two corrupt Lebanese businessmen and a member of Parliament – an important step in promoting accountability in Lebanon. Lebanese officials must end corruption and take urgent action to address the crises the Lebanese people face."

October 30

Rare midday attack reported in Syria targeting Hezbollah. Vicinity of Al-Dimas, Qudsayya and Al-Mezzah Airbase, all three areas known to have Air Defense facilities. Details. Ynet "A midday attack outside Damascus that was attributed to Israel by the Syrian military targeted a shipment of advanced weapons intended for Hezbollah as it was making its way to the border between Syria and Lebanon, Syrian media reported Saturday evening."

Israel fighter jets escort US B-1 bomber in possible message to Iran.

Jordan planes seen at Blue Flag drill.

October 31

Israel begins nationwide drill prep for conflict with Hezbollah.

US sanctions Iran drone program.

November 1

Israel shows footage of secret Tamuz missile. Attack outside Damascus reportedly targeted Hezbollah arms shipment.

Ynet: Israel on Sunday for the first time released footage of its secret fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile, just hours after Syria claimed the weapon was used in alleged Israeli attack in the country.

November 2

US Marines arrive in Israel for joint training from CENTCOM

Gantz speaks with his US counterpart about Iran.

Attack reported in Syria again using surface-to-surface missiles. Attack took place near Rif Damishq and Ad Dhamir.

On COP26 sidelines, Bennett said to hold talks with Jake Sullivan amid Iran tensions.

Iran claimed it fended off "piracy" in Gulf of Oman.

Concerns in US over Iran oil sales to China. Iran uses "rogue armada" of ships.

November 3

Iran media reports "hacking" of several "Zionist" engineering companies.

Israel launches giant aerostat blimp on northern border.

Iran says its IRGC has some new accomplishment at sea.

Iran claims it stopped US from "piracy" at sea, seizes Vietnamese vessel with its own oil. US rejects the claim.

Mayadeen reports, based on Israeli reports, say Hajizadeh could be a target of Israel.

November 4

Despite evidence that Iran's IRGC did accomplish anything at sea, Iran claims it defeated US global arrogance. Analysis.

Israel Ministry of Defense signs defense agreement with the Cypriot Ministry of Defense.

November 5

Protester killed in Baghdad during pro-Iran militia sit-in.

November 6

New Arab: Hundreds of supporters of pro-Iran factions have held a new demonstration in Baghdad a day after at least one protester was killed in clashes with police.

Riots seen in Baghdad.

November 7

Drone targets Iraqi PM Kadhimi's house in Green Zone. Several drones reportedly used.

Israel's preferences in Sudan, and Haftar's son allegedly visits Israel.

Biden condemns drone attack on Iraq's Kadhimi.

US Marines arrive in Israel for joint drill with Israeli commandos and NAVCENT.

November 8

Iran condemns drone attack on Iraq PM.

Witty: "In Iraq, the day after assassination attempt on PM Kadhimi, Commander of Quds Force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrives in Baghdad for unannounced visit to meet with Shia militias." Belief that drone was Iranian. Details. Brodsky: "Reuters reported earlier today that #Iran knew about the attack on #Iraq's prime minister before it occurred. But the US administration still appears to have difficulty talking about the role of Tehran or its militias, and punts to an Iraqi investigation."

Zolfagar 1400 drill in Iran showcases drones.

Morocco may want air defense, Iron Dome.

Iraq says its force can secure country after drone targeted PM.

IDF intercepts drone flying into sea from Gaza.

Cyprus-UAE meeting.

Israel-Egypt military defense officials meet.

Jpost: The IDF is planning to significantly increase the number of precision munitions in its arsenal in the coming years now that a state budget has been finalized.

Iran is demanding that all US sanctions should be lifted in a verifiable process, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday. Video.

Airstrike reported in Homs governorate in Syria at around 8pm. Video and claims of missiles launched over Lebanon, or near Tartus. Some rockets may have been intercepted.

November 10

UAE foreign minister meets with Assad.

November 14

US Ambassador to UN arrives in Israel, given tour of threats.

November 15

New images of the November 8th strike on warehouse near Tartus.

Was an IRGC commander removed on Assad's request.

November 17

Israel airstrikes reported near Damascus. More details.

New details on damage caused in October 13 strike on "Qatari villa, IRGC site" near Palmyra.

Rumors of S-300 in Tabqa probably false.

November 19

Attack on US Tanf garrison by Iran was response to Israel airstrikes.

November 22

US warns Israel that attack on Iran nuclear facility could be counterproductive.

November 23

US base in Syria near Kharab al-Jir may have been targeted in attack.

Gantz warns about Iran drone bases at Qeshm island and Chabahar and Iran using a drone in Feb, 2018 to try to fly munitions to West Bank.

Bennett says Israel would not be obligated by any new US-Iran deal.

Reports say IAEA head going to Iran.

Pardo warns Israel has no strategy on Iran, while Yossi Cohen said under former deal Iran was constrained.

Iran wants new deal, end to sanctions, not return to old deal.

BBC says threat of Israel strike on Iran grows.

Johnson tells Herzog that time is running out on Iran.

US weighs "grim option" if Iran talks fail, Al-Jazeera: The United States must “accept reality” and agree to lift its sanctions on Iran during next week’s nuclear talks in Vienna, according to Tehran’s top negotiator.

Iran looks to China and Russia for economic support, while US seeks their support in Vienna.

November 24

Syrian air defense missile fired at Israeli warplane flies over Lebanon and lands in the sea.

November 29

UK and Israel to work together on preventing Iranian nuclear weapon.

December 2

Jewish Chronicle: Mossad recruited a team of Iranian nuclear scientists to carry out a covert operation which blew up one of the regime's most secure nuclear

December 4

Iran talks halted in Vienna. Israel says Iran must halt enrichment for talks to continue.

December 5

Explosions reported near Natanz. Iran says it was controlled air defense drill. Iranian drone crashes.

December 6

UAE National Security Advisor in Iran, Syria Foreign Minister in Iran also this week.

December 7

1:30am airstrikes reported in Latakia on containers at the port.

Israel Defense Minister. will head to US on Thursday.

December 13

Washington Post reports that March 5, 2020 and June 8, 2021 airstrikes on Syria by Israel targeted a "targeted a villa and compound in a suburb southeast of the city of Homs, about 100 miles north of Damascus (March)" and the June strike "targeted a military storage bunker near Nasiriyah, a desert village north of Damascus, and two additional sites near Homs. Of those two, one was described as an auxiliary facility for the SSRC’s military laboratory in Masyaf, about 40 miles northwest of Homs."

December 16

Airstrikes reported in Syria.

December 18

Rocket attack reported in Baghdad. Details.

December 19

Iran media says there was an attack on logistics convoy in Iraq.

Bushehr air defense activated, second case since Natanz a week ago.

December 21

US chose not to respond to Al-Tanf attack.

December 25

Iran showcases Shahed-136 multiple drone launcher as it threatens attack on Dimona at Great Prophet 17 drill.

Hasan Irloo, the Iranian "ambassador" the Houthis is evacuated to Iraq and said to be dead of Covid.

Rockets fired at Turkish base.

December 28

Airstrikes on Latakia by Israel reported.

January 3

Drones with "Soleimani revenge" target US forces in Baghdad.

US says it has ended combat role in Iraq.

A ship headed for UAE has been hijacked by Houthis, claim says.

Saudi Arabia targeted by Houthis.

At least five rockets fired at Turkish base in Zelikan near Bashiqa, in Sheikhan area. Vehicle was later found.

January 4

Drones targeting US forces in Al-Asad base downed by CRAM.

January 7

Video shows pro-Iran militia in Iraq launching drones against camp Victory on January 4.

January 13

CRAM activated in Baghdad at US embassy.

Houthis threaten to escalate against UAE after taking UAE vessel.

Iran FM in China.

Iran-backed groups threaten to attack UAE.

January 16

US denies secret deal between Israel-Lebanon to supply gas via Jordan

Rockets fired at Turkish base. Targeted twice in 24 hours.

January 17

Houthi attack UAE's Abu Dhabi kills three. Missiles intercepted by THAAD but drones, missiles and cruise missiles get through.

January 24

Houthi attack targets UAE, missiles intercepted.

January 28

Rocket attack on Baghdad airport damages plane with 107mm rocket

January 31

Missile intercepted from Yemen to UAE as Israel's President visits.

Report says Israel airstrike near Damascus confronted by air defenses.

Report based on a few analysts says Israel may supply Israel with air defenses.

February 2

Israel DefMin Gantz in Bahrain, signs MOU, visits US Fifth fleet.

Israel to take part in the International Maritime Exercise 2022 (IMX 22) "includes around 60 countries and comes amid heightened Gulf tensions after missile attacks on the United Arab Emirates by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi movement, including a foiled attack aimed at a base hosting U.S. forces."

February 3

Alwiyat al-Waad al-Haq (True Pledge Brigades), which is believed to have ties with pro-Iran armed factions in Iraq, said it launched four drones at dawn on Wednesday targeting the wealthy Gulf state of the UAE-France24.

February 8

Iranian prison hacked, after hack of TV.

February 9

Syrian air defense claims they intercepted Israeli airstrikes, air defense missile fired by Syria triggers sirens-warnings in Israel.

Israel to participate in large US-led naval drill with 60 countries.

February 11

Israel Navy officer to be based in Bahrain as liason with Navcent.

Turkey says it foiled Iran plot against Israeli businessman.

February 13

“Yesterday evening, radar systems detected multiple low-flying drones, flying westward, originating from Iraq's eastern border region. One of the systems crashed south of Tikrit, Iraq & was recovered by Iraqi Security forces” a coalition official says..."“The drone is now in custody & is being analyzed by Coalition forces.” a coalition official says adding that the type have been used by “malign actors” as improvised cruise missiles against the UAE & Saudi Arabia."

February 14

Free Beacon: "Iran and Iran-aligned militias continue to have strong ties to some elements of Iraq’s traditional security forces," the Pentagon’s inspector general informed Congress in a new report on U.S. military operations in the region. Iraq’s federal police and emergency response division, both overseen by Iraq’s Interior Ministry (MOI), as well as the Iraqi Army’s fifth and eighth divisions "are the units thought to have the greatest Iranian influence." However, "officers sympathetic to Iranian or militia interests are scattered throughout the security services."

February 16

Kan: "First publication: The defense establishment is preparing for an Iranian drone attack. On Tuesday, American forces shot down two Iranian drones in Iraq - and it cannot be ruled out that they were intended to explode in Israeli territory."

Two drones shot down in Iraq. Later report say US warplanes downed the Shahed 136 drones that were headed for Israel.

February 17

IDF "Today (Thursday), IDF troops downed a drone belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli airspace. The drone was monitored by the IDF throughout the incident."

Later that evening, the IDF announced that they had also shot down a Hamas drone that had entered the border area of the southern Gaza strip. The drone crashed in Gazan territory.

February 18

"IDF:Earlier today, a radio-controlled aircraft crossed into Israeli territory from Lebanon and was tracked by the Israeli Air Force." Israel used Iron Dome to try to shoot down the UAV. It returned to Lebanon and Hezbollah says it flew "deep" into Israel.