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Iran tensions in the Middle East March 2021

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

IranThe daily updates are compiled by Seth J. Frantzman, Executive Director of MECRA. For the previous installment which covers December 2020 to March 2021, click here.

March 1

PMU says US targeted its forces in Iraq during Feb. 26 airstrike.

Houthis say they've used 15 UAVs, 9 of which were Samad-3 and an [#Iran-ian] Zolfaghar ballistic missile.

Iraqi Fatah Coalition on US airstrike against PMF (Hashd) on Iraqi-Syrian: The mission of the International Coalition has changed from fighting ISIS to fighting the PMF. International Coalition must withdraw. Government must protect PMF.

US: "We believe right now there was likely one militia member killed and two militia members wounded" in last week's US airstrike against an Iran-linked militia facility in Syria.

Pentagon shows video of Ballistic missile strike last year on Al-Asad base.

The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog #IAEA appeals for its inspection work in #Iran not to become a “bargaining chip” as world powers mull

March 2

An Israel-Russia-US-Iran deal in Syria?

US sanctions two Houthi military leaders.

Saudi video of shoot-down of Houthi drone. More Houthi attacks.

Israel Defense Minister Gantz expressed his willingness to promote a "special security arrangement" with Israel's Gulf allies against the growing threat of Iran.

Khaled Abu Toameh: Israeli authorities have warned scores of Hamas members in the West Bank against participating in the general elections.

Rabiee: Iran “does not allow Israeli invasions and monitors their behavior in the region," referring to Israeli ship that was hit.

March 3

Ten Rockets fired at Al-Asad base. US statement "We can confirm that early this morning the air base at Al Asad in Iraq came under rocket attack. Preliminary indications are that approximately ten rockets were fired from points of origin east of the base. There are no current reports of U.S. servicemember injuries and all are accounted for. A U.S. civilian contractor suffered a cardiac episode while sheltering and sadly passed away shortly after." Rockets fired from false bottom truck with video link. Photos of the vehicle used. Kataeb Hezbollah leader Abu Ali Askari posts on his telegram calling for Iraqis not overreact about the Pope's visit, and warning of a conspiracy in south Iraq under the pretext of dialogue between religions. He also congratulated the resistance for today's attack on Ain Al Asad. Pentagon "cannot attribute" yet which group carried out rocket attack in Iraq against al-Asad, press secretary says. US doesn't want to make a hasty decision. Three members of Kata'ib Hezbollah were reportedly killed near Jurf al-Naser in an IED explosion. Pentagon closely watches progress of Iraqi investigation. "Iran makes the rockets, gives them to Shia militia groups and tells them where & when to attack," says Marco Rubio. A mysterious Iraqi account seems to forewarn of the attack. 122mm Arash rockets were used.

Iran media says attack on Al-Asad had three messages, one was revenge and another to get the US out of Iraq.

Alex Almeida: This false bottom bongo dump truck setup is such a classic. KH was using these trucks to rocket US FOBs in Basra and Maysan way back in 2010-2011.

Iran critiques appointment of Richard Nephew to Malley Iran team.

Questions linger over oil spill that harmed Israel's coast, Israel's Gila Gamliel says it was "terrorism" and linked to Iran and "pirate" ship.

"I am in the midst of intense contacts for peace with other Arab leaders, with whom I have created a special relationship of trust and closeness over the years"

Haider Hamza Abbas al-Bayati one of the perpetrators of rocket attack on Erbil has been arrested by Kurdistan Region’s security forces.

Saudi Arabia hints it prefers Netanyahu to win elections.

UAE ambassador to Israel, Al-Khaja continues high level meetings with Israeli officials.

Report that US met Houthis in Oman on February 26.

March 4

The Arab Coalition confirms that it has intercepted and destroyed a #drone launched by the Iran-backed #Houthi militia targeting Khamis Mushait in southern #SaudiArabia.

Israel accuses Iran of oil spill that began in February off coast.

Sen. Warren: Think worth setting record straight on few things... Is Iran breakout shorter than when trump went against allies Kahl: per open sources, Iran breakout now down to 3-4 months; was up to a year at end of Obama admin.

Biden chose to skip one of the targets in his strikes on Syria ordered last week.

Abu Ali Al-Askari critiques Pope visit.

Ballistic missile launched at Jazan from Yemen.

Biden and Europe allies worry Israel is preparing a substantial attack on Iran.

New UAE ambassador thanks Tel Aviv for warm greeting.

Leader of Iraqi Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq militia: Turkey is planning to occupy Sinjar this summer.

Zaiynaboun militia in Deir Ezzor.

March 5

Pope in Iraq.

Lebanese media is reporting the IDF placed banners along the border near Meiss El Jabal reading "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

March 6

Houthis claim a successful attack on King Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia.

Syria regime or Russia fires tochkas at Syrian SNA areas near Al-Bab.

Pope meets Ayatollah Sistani. Photo.

SecDef Austin after Al-Asad attack "We want to make sure that...again, we understand who's responsible for this" and "We'll strike...if that's what we think we need to do at a time and place of our own choosing."

Saudis strike UAV launching team in Yemen.

Qais al-Khazali, leader of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq threatens to attack US forces.

Assassinations in Deir Ezzor.

Biden admin concerned about its allies in region going against its interests. Supports Saudi-Israel peace but requests Saudi adhere to US values.

March 7

Pope visits Mosul and Kurdistan's Erbil.

Hamas rocket kills fishermen off coast of Gaza.

Saudi Arabia says Khobar targeted from Yemen. Video.

In the evening Houthis target Ras Tanura. Questions over whether recent attacks on Saudi Arabia may have come from Iraq.

Saudi coalition intercepts two ballistic missiles launched towards Jizan by Iran-backed Houthis.

Palestinian official: The UAE and other outside parties are meddling in the internal affairs of the Palestinians.

Israeli-owned Helios Ray, footage was taken after her repair in Dubai.

March 8

Ras Tanura oil facility attacked late on March 7 (Yemen's Houthis claim they launched 14 drones and 8 ballistic missiles towards Saudi Arabia targeting Aramco facilities ) in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh blames Iran. Houthis call it "deterrence operation 6."

Saudi Arabia: Iran is behind last night's drone and missiles attack on Saudi Arabia; "unclear whether the attack was carried out from Iraq or Iran but it did not come from Yemen"

Saudi FM in Qatar.

Wreckage of a Soviet SA-6 anti-aircraft missile ... The Houthis use an "upgrade" copy called Fater.

Arab Coalition said it has intercepted and destroyed yet another a ballistic missile fired by Houthis targeting Khamis Mushait.

Alex Almeida: "Interesting report from a couple days ago links the Saudi armed forces chief of staff’s visit to Baghdad with reports KH and friends were moving Iranian Shahab medium-range ballistic missiles to underground hides in the western Anbar desert."

Report: Iran has started enriching uranium with a third cascade of advanced IR-2M.

Bahrain, Jordan, Malaysia high level talks in Riyadh.

B-52s fly to CENTCOM again, message to Iran.

March 11

Netanyahu cancels trip to UAE.

WSJ: Israel has targeted at least a dozen vessels bound for Syria and mostly carrying Iranian oil out of concern that petroleum profits are funding extremism in the Middle East, U.S. and regional officials say, in a new front in the conflict between Israel and Iran.

Logistics convoy targeted in Iraq.

March 12

Press TV says Israel and UAE will develop drones.

Noble Dina took place with Israel, Greece, Cyprus and France from March 7-11.

Israel seeks US help on lasers. Report.

Iran's Press TV says Shahr e Kord ship damaged off coast of Israel, later accuses Israel of "terrorism" against Iran ships.

March 13

Logistics convoy targeted in Iraq.

March 14

Houthi attacks on Saudi again with drones.

Mystery surrounded by Netanyahu cancelled flight on March 11 for UAE, one report says he had to stop in Jordan, others say UAE downgraded it, others say it was to avoid Houthi threats.

March 15

Balad air base attacked with rockets in Iraq. Five rockets. Details.

Iran denies involvement in Iraq attacks.

Houthis say they used armed drones.

Israel met. with US Sixth fleet at sea.

Iran new anti-ship missiles. Video.

Gantz warns Hezbollah.

March 16

Airstrikes reported in Damascus, Syria. Last strikes were on February 28. Four Syrian Air Force IL-76 flights in a little more than 24 hours arrived in Syria.

Houthis target Saudi Arabia with ballistic missile.

Houthis blamed for murdering migrants.

Iran has begun using the highly advanced new IR-4 centrifuge to enrich uranium at its Natanz plant.

Iran, Russia and China accused of interference in US election.

US Deputy Special envoy David Brownstein visits Deir Ezzor.

March 19

Houthis launched 6x UAVs at the Riyadh refinery this morning. Strike was timed to coincide with a push on the Marib.

Ned Price: The U.S. joins the international community in calling for an end to the Houthi attacks against Saudi Arabia and all parties to commit to a ceasefire. Today's attempts to disrupt global energy supplies by attacking Aramco show an utter lack of concern for the safety of civilians.

OIL MARKET: The Yemeni Houthis are intensifying their attacks against Saudi Arabian oil installations. Two weeks ago, the Ras Tanura terminal; earlier today, the refinery in the capital, Riyadh. There's a clear escalation pattern that is bad news for global energy security

March 20

Missiles made in Aramco attack, made in Iran. Important revelation from Adel Al-Jubeir, minister of state for foreign affairs for #SaudiArabia, on some of the missiles and drones that have been fired at the KSA “Several of them, as we’ve said, came from the north; several came from the sea.”

March 22

Iranian-backed militias kill officer in Iraq.

March 23

Rumors circulating on Telegram about Turkish intelligence warning of a Mossad plot to assassinate Rostam Ghasemi.

OIR denies report of attack on Conoco near Deir Ezzor.

March 26

French aircraft carrier in the Gulf.

March 27

Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Saudi - Iran 25 year deal: "Reportedly, Iran and China have done some $20 billion in trade annually in recent years. That’s down from nearly $52 billion in 2014..."

March 28

Hezbollah targeting of journalists.

Video of Saudis striking an explosive boat.

UK support Saudi self defense.

March 29

UN finds Houthis launched attack on Aden airport.

At 21:34 some Peshmarga units and bases of Kurdistan National Army,Zeravani Forces and Kirkuk Forces were attacked by 6 rockets of BM-21. These rockets were fired from the Iranian Hashds patrolled areas.

Bombing of Iraqi convoy.

April 2

On April 2, four IRGC ships, including three fast attack craft and a support vessel, came within 70 yards of two Coast Guard cutters.

April 3

Fars news says there was an attack on US supply convoy in Iraq.

April 6

Vienna talks set to begin.

Iranian Saviz ship sabotaged in Red Sea. US denies involvement. Ship has background as IRGC 'mothership'

April 7

Iran admits its ship attacked in Red Sea. Zarif on trip to Central Asia. Details of the ship.

Hezbollah seeks office in Moscow.

April 8

Airstrikes reported in Damascus

US says it could remove all combat troops from Iraq.

US says it may remove sanctions on Iran.

Iran media reports on new naval abilities.

Jordan crises days after coup rumors.

Levinson tied to Gaetz scandal. Details. More details.

Ten years of Israel's Iron Dome.

April 10

Iran boasts of 133 nuclear achievements and advanced centrifuges.

Questions over who leaked story of attack on Iran ship in Red Sea.

ImaeSat shows photo of Saviz, the Iranian ship. Images from ship from another outlet.

IDF Chief of Staff Kohavi: "The IDF's operations in the Middle East are not hidden from the eyes of the enemies - they are watching us, seeing the capabilities and carefully considering their next steps."

April 11

Incident or explosion heard in Natanz. Electrical grid damaged.

US supply convoy targeted in Salah-a-Din province in Iraq.

Iran FM Zarif says Israel is behind the incident in Natanz: "We will take revenge for these actions" Israel's security cabinet to convene next week on Iran issue, Iran program set back months by latest incident which Iran says is "terror" and "sabotage." Dan Williams: Israeli defence analyst: Without an enrichment capacity at Natanz for the coming months, Iran loses its negotiation leverage. Over national-security and intelligence channels, U.S. officials have voiced satisfaction with the damage inflicted on the plant. Israeli PM @netanyahu: The fight against Iran and its proxies is a huge task. The situation that exists today does not mean that it will be the situation that will exist tomorrow. We have become a world power, a regional power against them. "Intelligence sources told Kan 11 that the Mossad operation at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant was a cyber-attack, and that the damage is worse than what was reported." Western intelligence services tell Channel 13 News: Israel's Mossad agency was behind the "sabotage" at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant. NYT reports on Natanz "Two intelligence officials briefed on the damage said it had been caused by a large explosion that completely destroyed the independent...internal power system that supplies the underground centrifuges. Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman in press conference: #Natanz attack will result in an achievement for Iran as it will lead to replacement of old (IR-1) centrifuges with new ones. "Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman in press conference: Inauspicious attack on Natanz facility was a crime against humanity as it could cause a disaster. If they wanted to undermine Iran's nuclear facilities, they should know they have just damaged IR-1 centrifuges". Khatibzadeh: Iran to replace damaged centrifuges in latest attack with advanced ones

Iran and Russia could sign agreement. Lavrov in Iran.

Houthis claim they fired ten drones at Aramco facility.

April 13

Hyperion Ray Israel ship allegedly attacked off UAE.

Iranian MP says that centrifuges badly damaged in attack at Natanz earlier in the week.

Iran says it will up enrichment to 60%, slams EU sanctions on Iranians involved in killing protesters.

Biden says will withdraw from Afghanistan by September

Sabereen news says Mossad agents killed in attack on safehouse in northern Iraq, KRG denies the report.

Matan Hirsch, an Israeli blogger who was contacted via Instagram by #Iran intelligence agents who tried to lure him to the United Arab Emirates, urged caution on Wednesday about speaking to strangers online.

Questions continued about timing of Natanz attack.

April 14

Saudi Arabia concerned about Iran enrichment.

Europe's E3 concerned about Iran 60% enrichment.

Drone attack on Erbil. Details here. Details and more details.

April 16

Iran obtains its first quantity of uranium enriched close to levels needed to make a weapon, adding to obstacles facing diplomats as they try to revive the 2015 nuclear pact.

April 17

US Coalition condemns "outlaw gangs" for attacking supply convoys in Iraq.

US condemns latest Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia.

Iran role in Afghanistan grows.

Yemen claims US and Saudi complicit in taking tankers. Southern Front claims Russia may guard Syrian tankers.

HRW slams US sales to UAE.

Demonstrators protest Iran in Lebanon. Hezbollah prepare parallel economy in Lebanon.

Iran names suspect in Natanz attack.

US concerned about Israeli "chatter" on Iran.

Israel meets Cyprus, Greece, UAE in Cyprus.

April 18

Israel report says weapons for Hamas smuggled via Yemen and Sudan.

Security Official for Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah militia: we hold Zionist-US-Saudi Coalition responsible for attacks on Iraqis & Iraqi forces. Our attacks on occupation forces will increase regardless of nationality & pretext they are NATO. Priority is US.

Attack on Balad air base. "The officials said the Katyusha rockets had fallen on the area of the base that houses U.S. contractors.", also "two katyusha rockets landed inside the town of Kifri in Kurdistan Region’s Slemani province." Three wounded.

Iran shows off missiles and drones in Army Day parade.

Greece and Israel in historic defense contract, $1.6 billion, 22 years.

April 19

Brodsky: Top brass from #Iran's armed forces in attendance for funeral of former deputy commander of the Quds Force Mohammad Hejazi today. Bagheri, Salami, Ghaani (think he's in this video, hard to tell with mask), Pakpour, and others.

April 20

Israel flies with Greece and UAE at Air Force drills.

IISS warns of Iran missile and drone threat.

Alma: New IRGC Deputy Commander: Muhammad Reza Falahzadeh is a very experienced veteran officer. His extensive experience in the Syrian arena is his advantage and, in our assessment, he will be able to step into Hejazi’s shoes relatively easily.

April 21

“For the first time since the Korean War, we are operating without complete air superiority. Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of CENTCOM, which oversees the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of South Asia, repeatedly emphasized the danger to U.S. forces and partners in the Middle East posed by small and medium-sized armed Iranian drones, which have been used for both surveillance and attacks.

April 22

1:50am sirens sound at Abu Qrenat near Dimona, shrapnel from S-200 lands in Ashalim, "According to Channel 12, the reason Israeli air defenses failed to intercept the Syrian surface-to-air missile, was due to lack of a suitable air defense solution in that specific area. Soldiers regardless fired from the battery they had available, but the "live test" failed."

Israel destroyed Dumayr air defense battery in response to the errant S-200 fired into Israel on April 22. "appears the Israeli military completely destroyed a known Syrian air defense site Thursday morning in retaliation for an errant missile in southern Israel, according to satellite images."

Kataib Hezbollah's Abu Ali al-Askari expresses his group's dissatisfaction with Iran-Saudi talks in Iraq: "everybody must know, we are not part of the negotiations that the Saudis are having in Iraq".

CENTCOM commander Gen. McKenzie tells al-Monitor that the US is providing no support, including ISR, for #Saudi-led coalition operations inside #Yemen, incl. defense of Marib.

Rouhani's MFA comes under assault. And it didn't end with PressTV lashing out at Araghchi on Twitter yesterday. Today, Press TV official Ahmad Norouzi told state TV that "many things are still unsaid."

April 23

Recent IDF assessment held that the Israeli front most likely to erupt is the northern front.

Chief of Staff Kochavi scheduled to go to DC amid Iran deal discussions. Erdan: Israel won't heed a deal that doesn't stop threats.

The #Houthis published a video showing the operation of a loitering munition on the #Kub air defense missile launcher

3 rockets hit Baghdad airport base housing US troops: security source. Photos.

April 24

New group in Iraq declared. A new group in Iraq has been declared, 'The Men of Allah.' Telegram channels attribute to the group the Apr. 22 attack on what was intended to be the coalition forces in Baghdad airport.

Qais al-Khazali says “Afghani method” is the only way to end the US military presence in #Iraq.

Attack on tanker alleged by drone off Baniyas in Syria, Lebanon blames Israel.

37 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza.

Tehran rejects "step by step removal of santions."

Janes: Iran ballistic missiles 5,000km range.

Iran media casts doubt on attack on 'Wisdom' tanker at SPM in Syria, but warns Israel, "Iran's top general: We don't announce anything about the incidents that happened recently, nor do we know who did it, but the resistance front will teach a very good lesson to Israel. Not clear how Iran will respond, but Israel won't remain calm."

April 27

Iran shops swarmed US Coast Guard vessel. US military ship fired warning shots after three #Iran|ian navy boats came in close proximity in the Gulf: US military.

IDF troops downed a drone and located an additional drone belonging to the Hezbollah terror organization that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli airspace.

CNN: "Iran's Navy once again harassed US ships operating in the Persian Gulf, this time coming within 68 yards of the ships on Monday night, prompting one of the American ships to fire warning shots, according to Cdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a spokeswoman for the US Navy's Fifth Fleet. Three fast inshore attack craft from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy came within 68 yards of the USS Firebolt, a Navy patrol coast ship, and the Coast Guard cutter Baranoff, Rebarich said in a statement."

May 2

Saudis intercept Houthi drone.

May 3

Rockets fired at Balad. "Six rockets were fired towards Iraq’s Balad airbase north of Baghdad, lightly wounding a foreign contractor working for a US company. An employee of Sallyport was lightly wounded, according to the official. Three other rockets were fired about 15 minutes later and fell near the base without hitting it."

Pentagon spokesperson MR. KIRBY: So we're aware of press reports of an attack at Balad in Iraq. I think you know, Sylvie, that Balad is an Iraqi base, there are no U.S. or coalition troops assigned there. There's a private U.S. company that does have contractors working there, and initial reports that we've seen are that there are no U.S. casualties or damages.

Concerns about Rob Malley and Iran deal talks expressed by critics of the deal.

May 4

2 rockets fall on unoccupied part of Ain al-Asad airbase without causing damage or casualties, making this the third attack in three days. Seth Frantzman at The Daily Beast writes about the Biden admin's tough choices.

Saudi-Iran rapprochment continues slowly.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District has delivered an additional secure home for part of the Israeli Air Force’s fleet of F-35 fighter jets, with a small ceremony marking the completion of another Hardened Hangar project on site earlier this year in March.

Meeting between Saudis and Syrian intelligence reported.

Israeli airstrike reported in northern Syria near Masyaf. Images from satellite.

Details on Hezbollah sites in Syria.

May 5

Alleged Israeli strike in Quneitra. Second in 24 hours.

May 7

Nasrallah slams Israel, says it is weak on Quds Day.

Khamenei says Israel's downward spiral has begun. Text at Press TV.

Iran's IRGC head Salami says that Israel will be destroyed and just one operation can defeat it.

May 8

New article by Jack Murphy details assassination of Soleimani, reveals US hunted IRGC supporter of Houthis and claims to reveal PUK special counter-terror force group role.

Fire in Bushehr raises questions.

Saudi, UAE and others condemn Israel over Jerusalem clashes, later EU, US and others will join.

Hamas threatens increased rocket fire.

Landerking, the US envoy, returns from Saudi, Oman, Jordan, no progress on Houthi talks.

US Coalition: Initial report: This morning at 0220 Ain Al-Asad Air Base (AAAB) was attacked by an unmanned aerial surveillance system

May 9

Rockets fired from Gaza at Ashkelon.

US 5th Fleet. Cache of seized weapons included: dozens of advanced Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles; 1000s of Chinese Type 56 assault rifles; 100s of PKM machine guns, sniper rifles & rocket-propelled grenades launchers. Plus advanced optical sights.

Iran consulates torched in Najaf and Karbala, Ehab Al Wazni was murdered likely by pro-Iran assassins, leading to the protests and attacks on consulates. They want Iran out of Iraq.

Two vessels of Baniyas hit by explosions days after reports of Iran moving oil to Syria.

US fuel pipeline cyber attack.

May 10

Jerusalem Day, Hamas fires rocket at Jerusalem.

May 11

1,000 rockets fired by Hamas at Israel, mostly at Ashkelon and Tel Aviv.

Logistics convoy attacked in Iraq.

May 13

Hamas targets Ramon airport. Details.

Khaled Meshaal speaks to Iran and Turkish media says Gaza is a trap for Israel.

Hamas and Iran say that the balance of power in the region has shifted against Israel. See details here.

Three rockets fired from Lebanon at Israel.

Hamas showcases new Ayash rocket with 250km range. Fires at Eilat.

Hamas has new Shehab drones like Qasef and Ababil.

May 14

2,300 rockets have been fired at Israel, 1,000 of them intercepted. Hamas has used UAVs to target Israeli infrastructure, rockets to target airbases and Iron Dome systems. ATGMs to target jeeps. Israel steps up bombing with a concentrated airstrike around midnight between May 13-14 that uses 160 planes and uses a "ruse" in which Hamas members entered a "metro" tunnel system.

On Lebanon border Hezbollah and protesters urge breaking of the fence.

Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Ashab al-Kahf has threatened to launch retaliatory attacks on Israel Three rockets fired from Syria at Israel.

May 15

Hamas head Haniyah speaks of Email Ghaani, days after it was reported he was in Lebanon. Israel-Gaza war enters fifth day. Details.

Tasnim says Hamas missiles getting through Iron Dome. Tasnim reports the Commander of #Iran's IRGC-Quds Force Esmail Ghaani just spoke by phone with #Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh.

Baghdad anti-Israel protest, Amiri slams Israel. Baghdad on Saturday, pro-Iranian groups painted Israeli flags on the street so they could march on them as a symbolic.

May 16

"A clip of IRGC Aerospace Forces chief Amir Ali Hajizadeh saying “don’t be surprised if you hear in a near future that Yemen acquires missiles that can target the Zionist regime.” Clip appears to be from a previous speech that’s just released." Source.

The head of Iran’s IRGC-Quds Force Esmail Ghaani spoke with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh over the weekend,

"Hezbollah posted a video threatening Israel on their official Telegram channel, adding the caption: "We are Abbas and Ragheb, we are Radwan and Qassem." The video shows Israeli buildings destroyed as men fire missiles." Details.

Details: Iranian backed Iraqi terrorists like Kata'ib Hezbollah & Co have created group of fighters to fight Israel.

“During the past week, the Hamas terror group has fired dozens of rockets toward Israel’s Tamar natural gas rig."

List of Hamas rockets.

May 17

Attempted Grad rocket attack from Lebanon on Israel. Details.

Sabereen: Video: Abu Azrael confirms contingent of fighters from Al-Nujaba, Kataeb Sayyed Al-Shuhada deployed "to open front in undisclosed location to aid the Palestinian people."

PIJ IRAM new Qassam rocket launcher named for Soleimani.

3,350 rockets have been fired by 19:00 from Gaza.

Hamas submarine hit.

Deputy of Iraq's Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba says group is ready to enter the war with Israel directly and has weaponry capable of striking the depth of Israel.

May 18

Kohlmann: Unspecified Iraqi Shiite insurgents have allegedly carried out a separate second IED attack this afternoon targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed near the city of Al-Diwaniyah.

Drone shot down over area near Beit Shean.

May 19

Kohlmann: Senior officials from Iraqi Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah have reportedly spoken with the heads of the Palestinian Hamas movement and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in order to reassure them that "we will not hesitate to support you." More details.

Four rockets fired at Kiryat Yam from Lebanon.

May 20

France circulates ceasefire resolution, doesn't mention Hamas.

Bernie Sanders, AOC and others call to halt weapons sale of JDAMs to Israel. Biden reputedly grows impatient with Netanyahu for ceasefire.

Israel says drone it shot down near Beit Shean was Iranian and may have come from Iraq or Syria.

Ghaani writes letter praising Hamas Deif.

IDF. As of 19:00, since the beginning of operation "Guardian of the Walls", approximately 4340 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory.

May 21

Iran unveils new missile system and drone and radars.

May 24

"A barrage of rockets has reportedly landed in an air base in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, where American military forces and trainers are stationed [at Al-Asad base]."

May 25

US citizen killed fighting with Hamas.

May 26

Nasrallah appears ill in speech.

IDF preparing for next war with Hamas. "The intelligence division (Aman) believes Hamas is still in the midst of fully understanding the damage caused to it during Operation Guardian of the Walls. The terrorist group is also trying to build a winning narrative around the fighting, which caused extreme damage to the already devastated enclave, and keep the link to Jerusalem alive."

May 26

Michael Knights: "I would caution against a default assumption that detained murder suspect Qasem Muslih (Kataib Hezbollah auxiliary militia leader) is being released from Iraqi govt custody. This is driven by KH media outlets like Al-Etejah TV claiming Muslih has been released. Thread follows."

May 27

Iran's supreme leader has supported the Guardian Council's disqualification of Ali Larijani, Eshaq Jahangiri, and others, saying it "did what it had to do and what it deemed necessary to do as its duty, [and] determined the candidates." Raisi expected to win.

Yahya Sinwar: it has “sufficient financial resources…a large part of which are from #Iran, and another part comes from Arab and Muslim donors...” Hamas says it has 500km of tunnels still.

Concerns over Iran's role in Iraq suppressing protesters.

Iran missile tech transfers.

May 28

Pentagon may ask Biden to authorize more strikes on Iran-backed. militias.

Video of Shahab drones in Gaza. More photos.

Iraq arrests PMU militia leader after attacks on protesters. US concerned over the rule of law in Iraq.

Images from Gaza. Aerial photos showing strikes.

Rocket launcher allegedly found in Iraq pointing at Baghdad airport with 107mm rockets.

May 29

IRGC's Ghaani threatens Israel, says Zionism can be defeated, praises Hejazi.

Drone attack on Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

Some U.S. officials pushed consideration of a military response after the CIA hangar was hit, including the WH Middle East Czar Brett McGurk. The Biden admin ultimately decided against a kinetic strike to avoid a potentially escalating cycle of violence with the militias...."Nice scoop here by leloveluck and John_Hudson

confirming the April 14 drone attack targeted a CIA hangar at Erbil Air Base. Drone shifted onto a civilian flight path during its final approach to the airport complex to evade tracking."

May 31:

Al-Akhbar News (Lebanon): "Last year, [the] head of Hamas Political Bureau... visited Lebanon, where he met Hezbollah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah... The two men decided to form committees to follow up on coordination between Hezbollah and Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades."

Witty: Israeli research institute says General Secretary of Iraqi Nujaba militia met with leadership of Hamas & Islamic Jihad to discuss support in struggle against Israel. Nujaba militia says it is ready to target US interests due to US support to Israel.

Two Iranian warships whose final destination may be Venezuela.

Iddon: Iran’s diffusion of drone tech to its proxies in Iraq, Yemen, Gaza and elsewhere.

June 1

Israel asks for 1 billion worth of addition military items from the US.

Truzman: Kataib al-Sabiqoun, a likely front group for one of the established Shiite militias in #Iraq, posted a message seemingly directed to #Israel a short time ago.

Hamas Ababil-style drone see in Gaza Strip.

Al-Akhbar: During escalation, Houthis asked Hamas for the coordinates of Israeli targets to conduct missile and drone strikes.

June 2

Iran's largest ship, the Kharq, sinks after a fire. Footage.

Israel reinforces Gaza border due to changing rocket threats (probably PIJ's IRAM new rocket).

Concerns about Nasrallah's health.

Alma: According to reports from Syria, last night (June 1st, 2021) the IDF attacked near Al-Hurriyah in the Quneitra District in southern Syria. The attack's objective is unclear.

June 3

Nasrallah sounded sick in recent speech, what comes next.

June 4

Iran ship Makran and a frigate heading around South Africa for Venezuela.

A look at Iran's elections with Arash Saleh quotes.

June 6

Two drones heading for Al-Asad base downed by C-RAM.

Sirens sounded in Baghdad, apparently a second attack on same day. Iran media details.

Houthis say they targeted Saudi Arabia with Qasef drones.

Iran ambassador to Iraq says countries are brothers with one soul and threatens Israel.

Israel does F-35 drill in Italy with UK and US and Italy called Falcon Strike.

June 7

According to Nasnews, an online news portal close to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Col. Nebras Farman was killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen on his car in the Shia-dominated eastern district of Belediyat.

June 9

Esmail Ghaani arrives in Baghdad

Qassam Muslih of Al-Tafuf brigade released after being accused of harming protesters. "Iraq's government has suffered an embarrassment after a move to limit impunity among Iran-linked militias instead resulted in a commander accused of several killings walking free from custody and into a hero's welcome."

Rockets target Balad air base and sirens heard in Baghdad.

US warns Venezuela and Cuba about allowing Iran ships to dock. "The intelligence community has evidence that one of the ships, the Makran, is carrying fast-attack boats, likely intended for sale to Venezuela, according to a second defense official and another person familiar with the intelligence on the ships."

Netanyahu helped get Trump to leave Iran deal, but it had short term gains, Pardo says. "Former Mossad director Efraim Halevy on Wednesday criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for having harmed the spy agency's ability to operate under cover due to his desire to publicly take credit for operations for his own political gain."

New details on Bulgaria Hezbollah.

Time: “But within days of the conflict beginning last month in Israel and Gaza Twitter accounts linked to Iran were amplifying anti-Semitic messages in English, including the phrases “hitler was right” and “kill all jews” at a rate of 175 times per minute.”

Alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria reported near Damascus, central and southern Syria, several Syrian soldiers reported killed.

June 10

Drones attack US camp Victory at Baghdad Airport. According to a statement by the Security Media Cell of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office, three drones attacked Camp Victory, a former military installation surrounding the airport that houses US forces.

June 13

Drones spotted in PMU parade, Iraq. Also here.

June 14

Drone attack reported on US facility in Baghdad.

Israel FM Lapid speaks to UAE counterpart.

June 15

UAE Condemns #Houthi Attempt to Target Khamis Mushait with Explosive Drone

June 16

Drone reportedly downed near Al-Rashid Camp. Details from Iraq Security Media Cell.

Morocco wleocmes new Israel government.

Drone downed near al-Saqr Camp; Ar Rashid;

June 17

IDF destroys outpost used by Hezbollah in Syria near Quneitra.

Yair Lapid speaks with Bahrain counterpart.

June 20

Attack reported at Al-Asad base is the 44th attack this year. Rockets fired at the base.

June 21

Drone attack reported in Iraq at Victory camp.

June 22

Sabereen News, a Telegram news channel associated with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, better known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, reported that two fixed-wing combat drones laden with explosives had struck targets inside Victory base early on Tuesday (actually Monday)...The report added that C-RAM systems as well as AN/TWQ-1 Avenger missile systems deployed at the base were not able to intercept the aircraft.

June 26

US Consulate condemns attack on Kurdistan region with drones likely by pro-Iran groups, drones landed near new US consulate area. Wreckage of the drones was put online.

Shia militias show off more drones. Qais Khazali threatens Kurdish region. Drones include Mohajer-6.

June 27

Iran IRGC unveils drone that can fly 7,000km, claims 'Gaza' drone can carry numerous bombs also.

Egypt, Iraq and Jordan meet at summit.

June 28

US carried out airstrikes on pro-Iran militias in Albukamal. Location. Statement.

A statement affiliated to Saraya Awliya al-Dam “Companies of the Guardians of Blood”, was published by Iran-linked groups threatening to target #US military planes over Iraq. “The first one will be shot down over #Erbil” it says. On February 16, 2021, the group claimed responsibility for a massive rocket attack on the US base in Erbil Airport.

Airstrike reported in Mayadeen in Syria.

Iran militias shell and fire katyushas at US forces at Al-Omar oil field in Syria.

June 29

Israel FM Lapid visits UAE.

July 1

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