Iran tensions September 2022 and onward

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Our daily updates of Iran tensions in the region.

IranThe daily updates are compiled by Seth J. Frantzman, Executive Director of MECRA. For the previous installment which covers July 2021 to September 2022 click here.

September 6

Airstrikes reported in Aleppo, days after ImageSat International said airport was already being repaired.

September 9

US imposes sanctions on Iran's ministry of intelligence after July cyberattack on Albania. Albania expels Iranians diplomats and severs ties.

Iran ups rhetoric against Gulf states and Bahrain. During ground forces drills video from Press TV slams the Gulf.

The United States on Thursday placed sanctions on an Iranian company that helped to ship drones to Russia for use in Ukraine, and warned non-Iranian firms against becoming involved in the trade.

Iran claims to. be among top three countries in UAVs.

Aleppo airport says it will renew flights despite two rounds of Israeli strikes.

As maritime border talks continue with US, and Lebanon; Karish energy field could be ready soon. Reports also say Energean have started drilling the Hermes-01 well offshore Israel.

September 11

Kochavi says quiet in north is deceptive.

Iran announces new Arash-2 drone that can strike at Israel.

Fallout from the cyberattacks on Albania, FBI says: Emennet Pasargad, the Iranian cyber group associated with a cyber-enabled campaign against the 2020 U.S. presidential election, poses a continuing and even broader threat to U.S. networks.

US National Security Council: The United States condemns the September 9th cyberattack against our NATO Ally, Albania. This malicious activity against Albania follows the July 15 cyberattack conducted by the Government of Iran. The U.S. government is supporting Albania’s efforts to mitigate and recover.

Iran releases crews of Greek ships it seized 100 days ago.

Herzliya ICT conference: Shin Bet chief Ronan Bar says “Iran is the cause of much of the problems we are facing now in the West Bank, and the recent fighting in the Gaza Strip.”

Al-Mayadeen says that Israel doesn't know Nasrallah's next move.

Jpost wonders whether Nasrallah would order attack on Israel.

Report: London-listed Energean, which operates Karish gas field, says that the first gas from Karish is on track for delivery within weeks. In June, Israel moved a production vessel to the natural gas field that’s partly claimed by Lebanon. Belief that the deal is almost done.

Iran deal supposedly delayed until after US mid-term elections.

September 12

Mossad head Barnea at ICT: '“Iran's leadership must understand that attacks against Israel or Israelis, directly or indirectly by proxies, will be met with a painful response against those responsible, on Iranian soil. We will not pursue the proxies, but the ones who armed them and gave the orders, and this will happen in Iran.”

September 13

Photos. of Iran cyber warfare officials.

Al-Mayadeen on how Israel is afraid of Nasrallah decisions.

Ukraine says it shot down Iranian Shahed 136 drone. The drone says 'Geran-2' on it in Russian.

Albania blames Iran for second cyber attack.

Israel hosts 25 military delegations, among them the Moroccan general Belkhir El Farouk; Between the 13th and 15th of September, the IDF will host the International Operational Innovation Conference with the participation of the Chiefs of Staff and commanders from dozens of different militaries from around the world.

Iran heading to SCO for meetings with China, Russia and Turkey; Azerbaijan and Armenia clashes.

Yair Lapid hints at Israel helped to slow down potential Iran nuclear agreement or postpone it for months.

Gantz says Iran could produce enough enriched uranium to make three nuclear warheads within a few weeks..."should Iran decide to do so, it can reach 3SQ (enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon) at 90% within a matter of weeks.” "Our intelligence confirms international reports about Iran’s steady progress," he added.

September 17

Syria says Israel bombed Damascus International Airport, Spyer looks at why air activity has increased. Russian Ministry of Defense says that five Syrian soldiers were killed and that Syrian air defense intercepted 6 of the missiles and guided projectiles. Syria used the Pantsir and Buk M2 system.

WSJ says Russia has used armed drones of the Shahed 136 type to target Ukrainian howitzers.

Iran has joined the SCO, attending with China, Russia, Turkey and other countries.

September 18

US base in Al-Shaddadi is targeted in rocket attack. Report of the attack: September 18th at 7:05 pm rockets targeted Green Village base, US Central Command said. Three 107mm rockets targeted the base. Rockets were launched from 5km away.

September 19

Syrian man shot approaching border near Golan.

Hezbollah continues to threaten Karish gas field.

September 21

Iran rocked by ongoing protests over death of Mahsa Amini.

Iranian president speaks at UNGA, slams US for killing Soleimani

Biden supports Iranian protesters.

IDF reports increase in Iranian cyber attacks.

INSS: To what extent is Israel ready for Iran UAV attacks.

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