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Dave McAvoy

Dave McAvoy is an expert on the Arabic-language media based in London who lived and studied Arabic in Damascus. With a background in television production, his research focuses on Arab Satellite TV news coverage, which he has been following for a decade. His articles have appeared on Harry’s Place and in The National, among other media outlets.

Dave McAvoy

Selected publications

The Islamic State's military strategy, MERIA, The Rubin Center, December 25, 2017

'Tribes with Mics: The Sunni-Shi'i battle on the Arab language news,' MERIA, The Rubin Center, July 12, 2015

'Palestinians starve to death in south Damascus,' Harry's Place, January 14, 2014

'In isolated Syria, Assad shifts away from pan-Arabism,' The National, October 23, 2013

'The realm of unreality', Harry's Place October 6, 2011

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