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WHO concerned as Syrian rebel area near Golan cut off from Jordan

Map of Syrian rebel positions and IDPs on July 12

MECRA - The Syrian rebel area in southern Syria has been totally cut off from Jordan as the regime re-took the border area in the last few days. However the situation has now grown more dire, aid workers on the ground and the WHO says. A new map above shows the current situation.

On July 12 the WHO "called for the protection of health facilities and increased access to southern Syria, where the recent hostilities have left over 210 000 people displaced and in need of urgent health services." According to the report 160,000 IDPs are next to Quneitra and require access to health care. FAI Relief has been creating a medical clinic but has also sounded the alarm about people being cut off now that the Jordan border area is closed and pressures grow.

“People in Dar’a and Quneitra are waiting for the humanitarian community to reach them with urgently needed aid and we cannot let them down. Access must be granted,” Dr. Michel Thieren, WHO’s Regional Emergencies Director said on July 12. “We call on all parties to open the door to people in southern Syria and allow the safe delivery of  medicines and medical items they need, and to grant severely injured patients safe passage to hospitals outside the area that can save their lives.”

As the summer heat rises there are concerned about dehydration and other issues. Several IDPs have reportedly died due to the heat. The WHO report notes: "Almost 75% of all public hospitals and health centres in Dar’a and Quneitra are closed or only partially functioning." FAI said that clinics had less than 50% of their usual stock.

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