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The location of the last SDF battle against the Baghuz ISIS stronghold on the Euphrates

Video showing the map and location of the battle against ISIS in Baghuz on the Euphrates river has been released.

The battle against the ISIS-held enclave was launched at 18:00 Syria time on March 1. This is after around 40 days in which families and supporters of ISIS were able to leave the surrounded area. An estimated 10,000 have left the small area while up to 1,000 ISIS members are thought to remain. More than a dozen Yazidis held by ISIS since 2014 and 24 SDF members were also released during the last month.

The offensive against ISIS along its last strongholds on the Euphrates river was announced by the Coalition and the SDF on September 11, 2018. It has taken two months to reduce the ISIS pocket in Baghuz.

Two images showing the location of houses in Baghuz

Using the image put out by the YPG press office and a map of the area we located the relevant buildings that were part of the area of operations.

March 2, 2019 map of ISIS control

This enables us to make a map of the apparent operation to clear ISIS from the area near the Euphrates river.

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