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Photo gallery: Israel coronavirus lockdown 2020

Photos by Seth J. Frantzman and Jonathan Spyer

Israel has been increasing the extent of its coronavirus lockdowns since mid-March. Over the week of Passover Israel decided to put in place new intercity checkpoints with police bolstered by hundreds of IDF soldiers deployed alongside the police to check cars and enforce movement regulations.

Israel has also instituted special quarantine orders for several areas that have become Covic-19 hotspots, including the city of Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv. The largely ultra-Orthodox area is now cordoned off with police and army at streets entering the area. Due to the holiday when religious people don't travel there was little movement to enforce. However in other areas of Tel Aviv shops that sell food were open. The beach, usually crowded people people, was deserted and police were checking those who did walk along the promenade. Parks and areas for jogging were similarly largely bereft of people.

Checkpoints within Jerusalem were frequent while in Tel Aviv internal police checkpoints appeared non-existent. There were few cars on major highways, such as Route 1 and the 443, between cities. In Arab towns and suburbs, such as Abu Ghosh and Beit Hanina, there was more activity and more shops open.

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