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Media timeline II of PMU and alleged airstrikes, tensions

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

In July and August tensions rose with the Hashd al-Shaabi (PMU) in Iraq due to internal politics, such as controversies in Nineveh plains, and also due to alleged airstrikes on several warehouses. MECRA covered those tensions in a timeline that includes July and August and the first days of September.

So that the timeline does not become too long, we have bifurcated it into a second section beginning in September.

September 2

Hezbollah commander reported missing in area of Albukamal

September 3

FoxNews: Iran building new classified military base in Syria at Albukamal. Image Sat International images show base.

September 7

Anadolu: US reinforcing Al-Asad Air base

September 8

Al-Ain: PMU operates secret prisons

September 9

Sky News Arabia: Activists say raids targeted IRGC in Albukamal

Al-Arabiya reports airstrikes on Albukamal targeting headquarters of Iraqi militias

Image Sat International tweets satellite images of destroyed warehouses at Albukamal

David Witty: 'Iraqi Fatah Coalition: We demand government respond militarily against Israel for attacks on PMF. Response should be in same manner as Lebanese Hezbollah. The government’s lack of response is shameful & PM will not allow PMF to respond."

El-Etejah: "Fatah alliance called on Monday the federal government for a military response similar to the Lebanese Hezbollah against the Zionist entity after its involvement in bombing the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization in the Albukamal border area between Iraq and Syria."

Al-Ain: "Faleh al-Fayyad, head of the Popular Mobilization in Iraq (IRGC), did not visit Moscow in early September, but ordered Tehran to buy the Russian S-400 missile system as part of the IRGC's plan to make Iraq the main battleground for its war against Washington.

The Popular Mobilization militias, Iran's affiliated parties in the House of Representatives and the Iraqi government have stepped up pressure on the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, launching fatwas and threats against America and its allies, and continuing its attempts to enact a law to get US troops out."

Israel's IDF and reports: Shi'ite militias linked to IRGC fire rockets at Israel

September 10

Explosion in Hit Iraq, SkyNews Arabia claims it was a PMU warehouse.

EL-Etejah: Head of the Popular Mobilization Commission Faleh al-Fayyad and Secretary General of the Nujaba Movement, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, on Monday, discussed the attacks on the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization, while stressing the importance of preserving Iraq's sovereignty and rejecting violations."

Al-Manar: Nasrallah accuses Israel of being "Hollywood army"

September 14

Witty: Iraqi Parliamentary Defense Committee hosts National Security Advisor & PMF (Hashd) Chairman Fayyadh to discuss attacks on PMF ammunition facilities by drones. Steps must be taken to increase air defense capabilities & ammunition moved to secure locations.

* Attack on Saudi Abqaiq facilities

September 15

David witty: Iraqi Defense Ministry says it is transporting PMF (Hashd) weapons & ammunition to Defense Ministry facilities to protect them from bombardment.

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba runs video saying it will retaliate if attacked.

El-Etejah reports location of Israel drones that targeted sites, says they flew from Syrian territory.

Middle East Eye: Attack on Saudi Arabia was retaliation for attacks on PMU. "Iraqi intelligence official tells MEE the strikes were in retaliation for earlier Riyadh funded Israeli drone attacks on Iraqi militia."

September 19

Iraqi security source: the airstrike targeted the headquarters of the factions "Fatimion" of the Popular Mobilization and resulted in 5 dead and 9 wounded. Source: Sky News Arabia

September 21

Iraqi PM new decree recognizing PMU structure

September 22

Will Muhandis have a new role? Has he been "marginalized"?

-First report of unknown airstrikes targeting camp of (للحشد) in Anbar

-First report and photos

Unknown jets bomb PMU in Anbar near Lake Thar not far from Fallujah, several reports

-"According to Iraqi local sources,the vicinity of Al Marsanat military camp in western Anbar was targeted by unidentified aircraft."

-Reported near Rutba

-"Qassim Musleh also stated this took place at Kilo 70 but his unit which media claims was the one to be hit is based in Qa'im district....According to Al-Sumaria, the unit affected is Brigade 13 which is commanded by Qassim Musleh who is also the commander of the Anbar PMF axis. He is not part of the Resistance factions."

-Unidentified aircraft bombarded four missiles at one of the headquarters of the Tafouf Brigade of hashd alshaabi in Anbar.

Second strike in one day reported

-Second report?

- Lake Tharthar report

-Report of drones

- Second report

-Rutba report

PMU refutes claims of attacks

A third strike is reported

Al-Mayadeen report is here

Zarif says on NBC that Israel has attacked Iraq:

ZARIF: No, we support the government of Iraq. These militias that you talk about are part of the Iraqi government. The Israelis are attacking parts of Iraqi military, official military. What these--No, they were not launched from Iraq by an Iranian-backed group or by any group.

September 24

New satellite images of Albukamal published by ImageSat International claim "construction still ongoing within "Imam Ali" base and the #Iranian crossing."

September 26

Drone strike reported on Harakat al-Abdal forces near Albukamal

Iranian ambassador in Iraq says Iran would respond to US in Iraq if attacked

September 28

Lt Gen Abdul Wahhab Al-Saadi was removed from the CTS under unclear circumstances, perhaps because of tensions with PMU

Report: Al-Qaim crossing will open on Sept. 30

Albukamal reported struck by unidentified aircraft

-Syrian air defense reportedly sought to prevent attack, the reports based on Sputnik were also reported by Nujaba media

September 30

Iran's ambassador in Iraq accuses US and others of violating Iraq's sovereignty

Iraqi PM Abdul Mahdi blames Israel for attacks on Iraq

October 1

Soleimani gives interview about 2006 war with Israel

October 2

Amid Iraq protests Iran says Israel tried to assassinate Soleimani in September

October 3

Iraq summons Iran's ambassador after comments about fighting US in Iraq.

Protests in Baghdad continue and Iranian media (Fars News) and pro-Iran media in Iraq say foreigners behind it.

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