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List of reported Houthi drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia (May-June 2019)

In May and June 2019, amid escalating tensions between the US and Iran, there was an uptick in drone and cruise missile attacks on Saudi Arabia by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. These included numerous attacks on Abha airport. What follows is a list of reported incidents using both local media, Houthi media claims and other open source reports.

Houthi drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia (May-June 2019)

June 29: Jizan airport targeted by drones

June 27: Saudi Arabia says it intercepted a drone

June 25: Footage of Shahed 123 drone shot down by Saudi F-15, ongoing attacks on Abha

June 23: One killed. Several wounded in Abha airport drone attack

June 21: Two drones shot down

June 20: Jizan targeted by drone; Desalination plant targeted by missile; Power station in Jizan cruise missile attack, footage from earlier

June 18: Two Houthi drones intercepted on way to Abha, also were Qasef drones

June 17: Qasef K2 drone targets Abha

June 15: Jizan and Abha targeted by Qasef K2 drones

June 14: Drones target Abha airport

June 13: Saudi accuses Houthi of missile attack on Abha

June 12: Abha airport 26 wounded by cruise missile attack, Soumar missile allegedly used

June 11: King Khalid Airbase reportedly targeted

June 6: US drone MQ-9 shot down during this week near Hodeideh

June 3: Drone attack on Aden by Houthis

May 26: Jizan airport targeted by drone, photos of it shot down

May 23: Qasef K2 intercepted on way to Najran airport, third time in one week

May 22: Drone attack on Najran military airfield, second attack in 24 hours

May 21: Missiles intercepted in Mecca province

May 20: Burkan missiles launched at King Fahd airbase; Missiles intercepted on way to Mecca province, footage over Jeddah

May 15: UAE drone reportedly shot down by Houthis

May 14: Oil pipeline targeted, Houthis claim responsibility, but later blamed on Iraq

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