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Iraq: Interview with Iraqi MP from Asaib Ahl al-Haq, deputy of Sadikoun bloc

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Kinani: If the foreign forces remained in Iraqi despite Iraq government order for them to withdraw - there will be another language for our forces to speak with.

Date: 24/04/20

Place: Baghdad

Deputy Ahmed Al-Kinani (أحمد الكناني) Iraqi Parliament member and member of human rights committee. He is a member of the Fatih bloc's Allies from Asaib Ahl al-Haq (عصائب أهل الحق‎) and its political wing called Sadiqoun ( صادقون).

Interview conducted on 4/24/2020| time: 08:32 PM

“There is a common agreement at Shia parties to pass Al-Kadhimi on his cabinet. That's due to the many issues faces the country economically, politically and military inside and in the region. There are many challenges out there. Therefore, it requires political bloc have to consider this, by voting for him. Adil Abdul Mahdi's government will end by November this year.

Mr.Kadhimi cannot pass his cabinet unless he satisfies all parties and blocs.

Asaib [AAH] through its leader Qais Khazali, has expressed that "We are a national gathering and we will support Kadhimi and his government". Assaib has its own vision, it does not belong to any side, it is different from others. Assaib has tools to use and the political movement is one of the tools that has been used. We share our thought with others and listen to them, but we always had a clear position in any case.

Resistance groups should specialize on the national matter, nothing else. As you may know that PM Adil Abdul Mahdi has taken the decision for taking out foreign forces in Iraq. Iraqi Parliament and Iraqi demonstration all support and demand the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

The resistance gave the government the political and diplomatic path to withdraw these forces. But if these forces remain, there will be another language for that.

If the foreign forces remain in Iraqi despite the Iraq government order for these forces to leave - there will be another language for our forces to speak with.

Even these forces remain in Al-Assad or Erbil bases, the government must justify their presence in these areas, why and to what extend does Iraq need these forces, the mission and the duty of these forces has to be clarified.

We have seen that these forces claim they are providing training and consultancy but we see the opposite of that. They bombed and attacked Iraqi forces such as Hashd al-Shaabi, and number of Federal police and they bomb civilian facilities. Indeed, these attitudes need to be stopped, and action taken against it.

Certainly the demonstration that has been taking by Saaid Al-Shuhada (Master of Martyrs) and other attacks, it's certainly a clear message to American forces. But, in our point of view Iraq is going through critical issues that why we are not increasing the tension, but we will if the forces didn't respond.

There is not and will not be any secret meetings between us and the Americans, the only side will meeting with Americans it will be the Iraqi government. it is their role, not ours. The PM and commander in chief Adil Adbul Mahdi is responsible for this. Why and what is the point of meetings between the Americans and the resistance?

According to our information the resistance is rejecting any meeting with the Americans as they are considered an invading force in our country, and in many occasion they have acted against security forces.

As long Hashd Al-Shaabi (PMU) is a part of the defense system, the commander in chief should choose the person to replace Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis. The person should have character and charisma just like Al-Muhandis, because he was not only a military leader he also was a welcomed person among all political parties and all communities sectors. He intervened against any threat to Iraq and its people. The person who will take Muhandis’ place should be like him and acceptable among all.

There is no relationship between the resistance and the PMU - that's why the Americans are making a mistake by targeting the Hashd many times. But, it cannot be denied that there is people still inside Hashd who love their country and they want Iraq not to be divided.

I think relationship between Iran and the resistance is based on the presence of foreign forces in Iraq. Before, these forces never been targeted it was due to cover of Iraqi government and they were here based on Iraqi government request as strategic corporation between both. Resistant highly respected that agreement.

But, after all these attacks against them they came out with the resistance movement. IRGC Qods Force leader Ghaani’s visit to Iraq has nothing to do with resistance and preparation against the Americans. Ghaani’s visit was an official one requested by Iraq, and the aim of his visit was to collaborate and gather all political leaders for coming up with a new government. According to our information, he never met or tried to meet with any resistance leaders, and we are not seeing his visit as an intervention on Iraqi issues but we see it as part of Iran’s vision for Iraq as two neighbors to each other."

Following the apparent decision by the Shia parties to reject the proposed Cabinet of Mustafa Kadhimi, MECRA contacted Mr. Alkinani, to inquire as to whether he wished to revise his optimistic assessment regarding the likely formation of a government by PM-designate Kadhimi. Interestingly, he did not substantially revise his earlier assessment. Here are his remarks made on 26/4:

“The names in AL-Kadhimi's cabinet have been rejected, therefore they are waiting for Kadhimi to change these names in the coming days. The new government will be approved hopefully. The names that were proposed were suspect and that why they need to be replaced.

The Kurdish parties' proposed names were all ok, Itihad Al-Qawa Al-iraqi (Union of Iraqi Forces) candidates there no issue with it. But, some of ministries that belong to Shia there were issues…But, it will all be solved soon. “

On the issue of Mohammed Kawtharani, and the American offer of a reward for information about him:

“As I said before, the Hashd Al-Shaabi won't intervene to any conflicts they are directly taking order from Chief Commander in staff, and they don't have any relationship with any resistance groups.

I don't have any information that relate to Kawtharani, but I do know he is a Lebanon man. He is one of Hezbollah leaders but other more details I don't about him.

I don't have any information military or anything else about Kawtharani movement and activities here in Iraq.

Kawtharani doesn't have any relationship with Iraqi military and political circles. We saw his pictures and its normal, and he is not Iraq. It’s just prediction and if there is any information says he is in Iraq "It’s inaccurate .”

For background and past interviews with Kinani see the following links here and here, here and here and here.

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