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From a selection of Farsi-language Twitter feeds, commenting on the Khouzestan situation:

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

As part of our coverage of Iran we have assembled a list of recent and relevant social media accounts covering the recent protests and crises in Iran. This is of particular importance because of the protests in Iran over the last several years, particularly recent protests due to water shortages and other reasons.

+ When you were supplying water and bread to Gaza, Palestine and Syria, you should have been building the water infrastructure of Khuzestan and Sistan.

(an example of the slogans associated with this are "No Gaza, No Lebanon. I give my life for Iran.": نه غزه، نه لبنان، جانم فداى ايران)

+ The Islamic Republic TV has statistics on the number of people killed in Gaza. But when it comes to thirsty people in Kouzestan, it calls them foreign agents and gives no news of the corps… Interesting… National Media.

Protests in Iran

+ Where did our money go? It went into the pockets of the officials. It went to Gaza and Lebanon. It went to Hezbollah.

No to the Islamic Republic. Khouzestan is thirsty. Khouzestan in blood. Protests till the victory!

+ Water, electricity, gas, gold and ... We have all our resources going to Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Gaza and Lebanon. You are not an Iranian if you remain silent in the face of this great plunder.

Farsi Telegram Channels:

“The slogan of “neither Gaza nor Lebanon” clearly shows the depth of the Iranian people's opposition to the regime's policies of supporting terrorism and spending Iranian funds on the Revolutionary Guards' terrorist goals.”

“This inhumane regime doesn’t not have the budget to pay the salaries of its employees. Doesn’t have a budget for piping villages to get water to them. We have power shortage. We have water shortage. Because the regime had filled the suitcases of the terrorist organization Hamas with 22 million dollars in cash!”

“We provide free water and electricity, but not for the Iranian people - for Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists in Lebanon, and for Iraqi and Yemeni proxy forces.” [referring to Khomeini’s promise of providing water, electricity and social service for free all over Iran during Islamic Republic.]

Islamic Republic has no money to solve Khouzestan water problem.

Islamic Republic has no money to repair the ruins of the war after 30 years.

Islamic Republic has money to suppress the demonstrators with bullets and special units.

Islamic Republic has money to support Hamas and Hezbollah.

Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran

“I am Arab from Khouzestan and I’m proud of it. But the preservation of the Islamic Republic is more obligatory than the preservation of Khouzestan.”

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