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Exclusive photos of Turkish airstrike in Iraq's Makhmour camp

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

MECRA obtained exclusive photos from the sit of the Turkish airstrike that shook Makhmour Camp area on December 13. The strike was one of two Turkey carried out on December 13, the other was in the Sinjar region. Iraq summoned the Turkish envoy on Friday to protest the airstrikes.

The crater from the air strike (MECRA)

The site includes one large crater where locals said that four people were killed, three men and one woman.

Funeral for three killed, held on December 14 (MECRA)

A funeral was held at Makhmour Camp, which includes IDPs who fled ISIS, on December 14. A fourth victim was buried the next day.

Residents were outraged that a fox was also killed (MECRA)

Residents also said they were disgusted to see that a fox had also been killed. One elderly man condemned Turkey for the airstrike and pointed to the innocent animal, asking why this was allowed to happen.

Pieces of ordinance residents said came from the airstrike (MECRA)

Residents showed the location of the air strike and pointed to ordinance left over in the area. They also showed a bar code on one of the items with a name and serial numbers. MECRA is working to trace the serial number of the item which appears to link it with a US-based defense contractor.

Iraq's foreign ministry has condemned the air strike. "The ministry denounces what the Turkish planes have done in violating Iraqi airspace and targeting the areas of mount Sinjar and Makhmour north…that led to the loss of lives and property."

The strike comes amid rising tensions between the US and Turkey, including Turkey saying it will launch an operation in eastern Syria and the US saying any such operation would be unacceptable. Yazidi groups have condemned the air strike, pointing out it came during a fasting period and on the eve of a holiday.

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