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Developing: Someone flew a drone over Iranian regime cleric's seminary in Ahvaz

Iran's Tasnim news reported that law enforcement in Ahvaz had to shoot down a drone after it flew over a seminary associated with a key official of the Iranian regime.

According to the report hours before the end of a meeting with the "Supreme Leader's representative in Khuzestan gunshots were heard and witnesses said that gunshots took place near the seminary against a drone." The drone was flying without a permit and security fired at it, it was not entirely clear if it was shot down, but it appears it was.

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Mousavi Jazayeri is the Supreme Leader’s Representative in Ahvaz southwestern Iranian city. The report notes that the drone was flying around a Imam Hussein seminary that is connected to Jazayeri who is considered a Vali-ye faqih (Guardian Jurist). This is not the first time the school has been targeted. In April gunshots were fired at it.

The heightened sense of security in Ahvaz comes after a terror attack on September 22 against the IRGC military parade. More than 25 were killed in that attack in Ahvaz. In recent remarks with Jazayeri, Hossein Ali Amiri condemned the attack and said Iran would continue to respond. "The Ahvaz terrorist attack was an unpleasant incident but flaunted the Islamic Republic’s power," the vice-president said in a meeting. "He further pointed to the mastermind behind the Ahvaz terrorist attack who along with some other terrorists was recently killed in the Iraqi Diyalah Province." Iran fired ballistic missiles at ISIS in Syria on October 1.

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