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Badr Organization, its role in the PMU: Background and sources

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

In the interests of creating an easily accessible list of sources related to the Badr Organization and its role in the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq, the following will contain a list of sources that relate to Badr and the PMU. The list will be updated from time to time.

-MECRA editors

Michael Knights, 'The new Special Groups,' WINEP, 2010.

- "Although the Badr Organization is a major political organization with seats in the new parliament, it also arguably plays a significant role in facilitating Special Group operations in Iraq. When it was formed in the early 1980s, the Badr movement was, in effect, the first Special Group.19 A proportion of senior Special Group commanders such as Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis are Badr personnel, with long-standing ties to current Badr leader Hadi alAmiri. After 2003, Badr became the part of the IRGC Qods Force that was selected to “work openly” within the new Iraq. Badr inserted hundreds of its Iranian-trained operatives into the state security organs (notably the Ministry of Interior intelligence structure and key special forces and Iraqi Army units)."

Luay Al-Khatteeb, Sistani's Jihad Fatwa, Fellow at Columbia University - SIPA, April 2015

Aida Arosoaie, Hadi al-Amiri's Grip on Iraq, 'Counter Terrorist Trends' November 2015

Militias in Iraq, Geneva International Center for Justice, September 2016

Nicholas Heras, Iraq's Fifth Column, Middle East Institute, October 2017

Jessa Rose Dury-Agri, Omer Kassim, and Patrick Martin, Iraqi Security Forces and Popular Mobilization Forces: Order of Battle Institute for the Study of War, December 2017

By Garrett Nada and Mattisan Rowan, Pro-Iran Militias in Iraq, Wilson Center, April 27, 2018

El-Seyassah, Background on Hadi al-Amiri, [Arabic]

Omar Jaffal, Amiri faces dissent, Al-Monitor, May 2019

Snipers target protesters, Reuters, October, 2019

Shaan Shaikh 'Iranian missiles in Iraq', CSIS brief, December 11, 2019

-He provides a list of Badr brigades and other groups in the PMU: 4, 20, 23 24.

Who is Abu Muntazer Al-Husseini? Al-Hurra, January 1, 2020. "He points out that 'Al-Aboudi'is one of the leaders of the Badr Organization, led by Hadi Al-Amri, and he held the position of Director of the Popular Mobilization Operations before he assumed the position of Adviser to the Prime Minister for Popular Mobilization Affairs last August.'

Al-Aboudi or Abu Muntazer Al-Husseini is considered a 'close confidant of Qassem Soleimani and his right hand with the popular crowd at the time.'"

Hadi al-Amiri calls to unite forces in Iraq after death of Soliemani in US airstrike.

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