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An attack in Somalia kills up to 90 people, including several Turkish nationals

A source from Somalia wrote the following MECRA this morning;

"These are pictures were taken from the terror attack scene or place. People were lying on the ground killed on the attack. They were all civilians. It is so awful and pitiful to experience such horror routinely as authorities don't find a strategy to deal with. I brought a photo which a suicide explosion shook near a check point nearby the outskirt of Mogadishu city. The report said the place was a junction as there were passing many vehicles, it killed 90 persons and wounded 70 persons. The greatest fatality were University student who were traveling on their bus when they were hit by the explosion. Really it was very sad day here in Mogadishu, but these attacks were alleged to Al-shabab insurgency who used such attacks. In addition to that there were killed 3 Turkish nationals who were traveling on the road when the attack occurred. Really, the security officials have failed to get solution the suicide attacks which are always happening in Mogadishu, besides that there is no one held responsible, they just said" it is terror attack".

- Daud Mogadishu, Somalia.

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