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Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi on reconciliation in Syria


Beit Jann near the Golan

In an article from May Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi looked at the case of Beit Jann and reconciliation agreements in Syria. As Syria's offensive unfolds in the south in June this issue takes on greater importance, especially as it moves towards the Israeli-controlled Golan.

Al-Tamimi wrote in May: "The Syrian government has now cleared Damascus and Damascus countryside of insurgents and the Islamic State. Therefore the government’s control of the country’s most important center of power can no longer be challenged by its rivals. Many areas in Damascus and its countryside have been brought back under government control through “reconciliation” agreements. One may be inclined to turn one’s attention away from these areas since there are no longer reports of battles and airstrikes coming from them that make for “interesting” news and updates.

In my view, however, such negligence is highly mistaken. Keeping track of reconciled areas helps us to address key questions regarding Syria’s future. Is the Syrian government truly able to pacify these areas that officially come back under government control? How far can it restore services for civilian populations in those areas? Can reconciliation agreements tell us something about the Syrian government’s thinking in particular places?"

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