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Report: Bombing targets Director of National Security for Mosul, latest in rising attacks by ISIS

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

A VBIED bomb targeted Mosul on Friday night, slightly over a week after another bomb struck the same area targeting a cafe near Mosul University. The target of the bomb is believed to be the Director of National Security for Mosul and other security forces.

According to one source the bomb was set off and sought to assassinate Colonel Hisham Najm (Najim هشام نجم). Instead a security forces member named Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Issa Al-Jubouri was reported killed, along with another civilian casualty. The blog Mosul Eye reports "The attack targeted the head of Nineveh security Hisham Al Najim who is known of forcing shop owners to pay money but refused to share it with other militias. His bodyguard was killed."

Ali Baroodi provided more details. "Ninevah Health Directorate state that a 13 year old girl & a National security member were victims of the car bomb explosion in Muthana (المثنى) St. The explosions are targeting the most crowded spots in Mosul."

This area in Mosul is near the University, not far from security forces bases and also near important hotels and archaeological sites. It is in eastern Mosul, one of the areas liberated from ISIS in the fall of 2016. In late February security forces requested more metal detectors and a more robust presence for Mosul. They did not receive enough support. At the same time ISIS has increased its attacks near Hawija and on roads from Kirkuk to Qayarrah, striking at a PMU unit on March 6.

Some social media sources have provided a different spelling for Col. Hisham (هشام الهاشمي) but this appears incorrect. Local media has tended to report Al-Najm as the target and a nearby restaurant.

There is speculation that the operation may not have been led by ISIS, but could be related to other feuds or groups active in the city.

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