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MECRA's latest publications: August 2020

The Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis presents a new interview from Iraq looking at how weapons stored by militias could be a threat similar to the explosion that rocked Beirut earlier this month. We also have articles looking at tribal tensions in Syria, the role of Iranian-dissident militant group PJAK, Israel-UAE relations, Hezbollah's role in Lebanon and Turkey and other exclusive content:

MECRA this month produced several unique perspectives on Iraq.

  • An interview with Zaylan Vajin of the Iranian Kurdish group PJAK. He discusses recent incidents with Iran and Turkey and tensions in northern Iraq. Read the interview here.

  • A former member of Ktaib Hezbollah in Iraq warns that weapons storage by groups linked to Iran could cause an explosion worse than the Beirut blast earlier this month. Read the report here.

  • Tensions in the Middle Euphrates River Valley have led to protests by tribes against the Syrian Democratic Forces and US efforts to reduce tensions. There are concerns of ISIS cells and involvement of Iran or the Syrian regime and Russia. Read the report here.

  • Our digest of daily US-Iran tensions and also Israel-Iran tensions is UPDATED with new details throughout August 2020. This includes rocket and IED attacks on the US in Iraq and also Hezbollah-Israel tensions. Read it here.

At MECRA we have also published articles in media looking at recent developments in the region.

  • Read Jonathan Spyer's look at how Hezbollah's 'deep state' in Lebanon is preparing to investigate itself in the wake of the Beirut blast that killed more than 150. Read it here. .

  • Qatar's alleged support for Hezbollah puts US troops at risk at Fox News. Read the article here.

  • Seth J. Frantzman writes at The Hill about how regional and global powers compete for influence in Beirut after explosion. Read the article here.

  • A look at why the one state and two state solutions are best served by a more innovative 'one and a half state' solution at The Daily Beast. Read the article here. How the UAE-Israel agreement is a milestone, a piece at National Review, and also why it should move ahead slowly, at The Spectator, and a look at the Israel-UAE F-35 controversy at The National Interest.

  • A look at Somaliland and its strategic value in the Middle East today. Read the piece here.

  • Our work was also mentioned in an interview at Al-Hurra, at Middle East Monitor, Arab News, i24 and other publications in the last month.

For interview requests email us: mecra@mideastcente

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