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Exclusive Video: Peshmerga describe ISIS threat near Makhmur, Qarachukh mountain

In a new video from a Kurdish Peshmerga position near Makhmur on Qarachukh mountain, the Peshmerga described the ISIS threat and how ISIS is using villages south of Mosul to cross the Tigris and make their way into locations between the Peshmerga and Iraqi Security forces.

Jonathan Spyer discusses the current threats in the video. Peshmerga said that the ISIS members are able to conceal themselves among foliage and use water sources along the way. On a map he shows how the ISIS members who have been hiding for more than a year and a half after their defeat in Mosul are able to also receive food and supplies from local villages. Many of these villages are Sunni Arab villages.

The Peshmerga says that the local people refer to Hamam al-Alil as "Kandahār" and that the local people along the river "love Daesh" and that the remnants of the organization, who continue to pose an increasing threat to several provinces in Iraq, are able to regroup. MECRA has reported on the ISIS threat to provinces south of Nineveh, including Diyala and Salah-a-Din over the summer. We also examined the ISIS attacks on the Shammar tribe and the continuing attempts by ISIS to begin a new insurgency. The new video shows how ISIS exploits the ungoverned space between the ISF and Peshmerga and also the local communities along the way to continue to move and maintain its organization.

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